Tom LaRock


I have been interested in fine art drawing and painting my whole life.  However, my early working years led me to two previous careers; the first as a physical education director and the second in mechanical engineering.

My third career began in 2013 when I decided to leave the everyday working world of engineering to begin a fine art training program at the studio of professional artist and instructor Joshua LaRock.  Joshua is my son and his studio is located in New York City.  

In addition to the blessing of working along side my son for three years, I received incredible training in the classical methods and techniques of the masters of the 18th and 19th centuries.   This training began with graphite drawings of Bargue plates and plaster casts; progressed to cast painting, portrait drawing and color theory; finally concluding with still life, landscape and floral painting projects along with professional critiques.

I am currently painting and accepting commissions for still life, floral and landscape paintings that capture and declare the beauty, glory and majesty of this magnificent world created by The Master Artist.

 "Roses with Snapdragons"

"Still Life with Rose"

"Two Years"

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