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Juan Cantavella


I consider my art work as a never ending learning process and I am motivated by all there is to learn about painting. Although the majority of the time I am satisfied with the results of my work I always believe that next time I can and I will do better. This attitude and my admiration of the great masters keeps me motivated to study more and work hard to become a better artist.

My goal is to master my drawing and painting skills.

My aspiration is to become as good as the best. No matter how long it takes, I really enjoy the process of learning, painting and improving.

My plan is to keep studying and painting as much as I can.

I believe that being an artist and having the opportunity to show one’s work provides very special pride and satisfaction.


Juan Cantavella was born in Orleans, France on June 14, 1941 from refugee

Spanish parents after they fled from Franco’s regime.

In 1948 his family moved to Venezuela. Growing up in Venezuela he discovered his interest in art when he was 15, starting with “paint by numbers” kits and moving rapidly to paint on his own using the kit’s left over paints. His father though that Juan should not waste time painting but study hard to become “some body with a future”. However he never quit painting, without direction or teaching, since art school was never an option.

Once he finished high school he enrolled in the University earning his Architecture degree which was the closest major related to his artistic aspirations.

Family and work responsibilities kept his painting opportunities at the hobby level for many years. But Juan never stopped dreaming of painting full time, perhaps when he retired.

In 2002 he came to America looking for new opportunities as the Venezuelan economy and political landscape deteriorated rapidly. In 2005 he began painting murals in private homes and businesses building a strong client portfolio that kept him busy.

In recent years Juan has continued his self instruction by alternating his work as a muralist with a constant study of books and instructional videos focused on improving his knowledge, skills and technique.

In 2014 Juan moved from California and actually he lives in

Magnolia Texas, where he has his studio and paints full time.

Juan Cantavella is a member of:

Arts Benicia

Alamo Danvile Artist’s Society

Yolo Arts

Northern California Arts

Woodlands art League

Lone Star Art Guild




Please contact Juan via the following:

EMail:  juancantavella@yahoo.com

Phone#:  707-372-8301

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